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John Wehner on the cover of Nightclub & Bar MagazineIntegrity is a small company that has been formulated for one thing: To help the existing nightclub owners identify and fix small and large problems as efficiently, accurately and as cost effectively as possible. Most nightclubs have an area or two that need some type of attention. Often, these problem areas are costing the operation thousands or even millions of dollars a year. We will help you find and fix those problems without having to a hire very expensive management team, pay benefits, or deal with sometimes "extreme" personalities.

We are full time nightclub professionals. We own and operate nightclubs for a living. We will only take clients that we can realistically help. We''ll notify you during the initial telephone interview if we don't think we're your best solution. We don't have magic wands. We do, however, have the knowledge and experience to help you find your answers with the highest level of Integrity. We'll tell you the truth, whatever it may be.

CALL TODAY 850 502-4123You, our client, are our only partner. We are your advocate. We are not salespeople. We will assist you in weighing all of your vendor options. We can help you through any type of equipment installation situations such as catastrophe, re-tool, update, etc. With any type of gear purchase or installation, it often helps to have a second opinion. Perhaps you might need us to oversee an installation or possibly need us to "make things happen" and literally help you literally get something done overnight.

We will help you define your entertainment needs. This is one of the toughest areas and, of course, one of our strongest. Entertainment is full of gray areas. We can quickly asses this area, both bands and DJ's. We'll help you find out if they are what you really need for your nightclub. We can realistically advise on your bands song lists as well as the DJ's. Entertainment and production is our number one area. We will also make sure that your sound and light equipment is what it should be and calibrated properly for your venue. Most of the time sound problems from noise complaining neighbors to "loud" or "weak" sound systems can be easily diagnosed and remedied. Often bands and DJ's will lobby for the purchase of new equipment which may not be needed….( however, you may desperately need some new gear and not know it). We will give crystal clear guidance in these fragile, highly opinionated areas. We can advise on every aspect of any type of Live Entertainment, House Bands, Traveling Bands, Local Bands, Karaoke, Singles, Duos and DJs.

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