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CALL TODAY 850 502-4123We are available to:

  • Help steer you down the right road with a short phone conversation or work a couple of days in your nightclub alongside you.
  • Rehearse your bands and teach you how to take charge of them.
  • Design proper music formatting for your band and DJ.
  • Get your sound levels under control.
  • Help you develop a strategy to get control of your staff.
  • Help you teach your entire staff how to SELL.
  • Help you design and write your policies, procedures and duty lists.
  • Review plans and equipment specs. We may not have to be onsite to do this. We can help you make better decisions or back up the decisions you already made.
  • Assist the entrepreneur who wants to open a bar with the money he/she just came into. We'll do everything we can to show the person what to do and, more importantly, what not do, so the business will still be in operation for years to come.
  • Realistically help with any sound problems. Turning down or shutting the doors are not the only two options. We can also, through our experience, help you formulate a course of action to deal with the chronic complainer!
  • Help you with all equipment purchases to help you get the most bang for your buck.
  • Make sure your sound and light installations are completed correctly. Some vendors do sloppy, "under-installs." But quite often they'll "over-install" too. We believe you should only order and pay for what you really need. NOT super-fancy, high cost fluff that would be a waste of your money and easy extra profit for the vendor.
  • Act as a mentor to any club owner in any phase of their career or nightclub development.
  • Supply interim emergency management or supervision in the event that the principal / owner is not available due to personal, business or health issues. We could advise or install on-sight managers to help insure the asset is protected.
  • Assist after all natural and manmade disasters. We can act as your advocate with vendors, creditors, associates, employees and entertainment. We can help you develop and manage an action plan to bring your valuable nightclub back online.
  • Help you reconfigure your room so if flows better, and produces more sales.
  • Help when you're completely confused on where to put your advertising dollars.
  • Help if you are considering investing in or purchasing a nightclub, restaurant or bar and need some professional, impartial advice.
  • Help set up an accounting and or inventory systems up for you. The tighter those systems are and the more real time data input there is, the more control you will have. The result will be a smaller window of opportunity for theft by any level of employee or partner.

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